Teardrops On My Guitar

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1 More month...'s been a long time i don't blog..
but i also don know what to
plus a lot of assignments from icpu..
1 more month to graduate..
must do well!!!

notes for indra:
don be so outdated la..
this blog is digital la..mushroom resistant...

recently,i am addicted to facebook..
i never missed a day without signing in to facebook..
lot of applications there compared to frenster...
for all my friends that dont have facebook account,sign up immediately..
coz it's really

my laptop were having a lot of troubles and running damn slow..
so i decided to format it...
but the files is too precious to be lost so i have to buy a new hdd to backup my data first...
and i made my choice to purchase 320gb external hdd from western digital...

yeah!!! need to worry about space now..hahaha

Friday, March 28, 2008

I just found a link to some interesting quizzes from Fei's's quite fun i think..hehe


  • You could light up 3 light bulbs
  • You could power 68 iPods
  • You could power 1 Xbox 360
  • 4 of you would be needed to keep a refrigerator running



I don't know if it is true or not but it's quite fun to know your score..hehehe

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Done OSSLT's been a long time i don't update my blog..
It has been very busy and i was loaded with mountains of works from college...
Nothing special happen during this period...
This morning I wrote my OSSLT test...
Used to thought that the test is difficult but turned out to be very easy..hahaha
Sure pass la...
But it was very tiring test..It took four hours to finish the test...
Then booklet and answer sheet themselves have a very tight security...
There were bar code with your test number printed on the papers..
Furthermore the packet is sealed in a plastic bag..
It's impossible to change the paper even if your answer sheet is torn since there was only one packet for each student..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Penang Day 3

We were supposed to check-out at 12 p.m. but we woke up at 11 because of the tiring trip the day before...Everyone was complaining about theirs ass..hahaha
Luckily our bus had comfortable seating so we can enjoy the trip....

Bye Penang..We had a good time here....

In KL we still had to wait for the KTM to go to our apartment in Subang Jaya...
And as we know KTM is always late...So it's time to get some pictures....haha

( I am Bang Coli...What are you lookin at??? )

Because of the delay of the KTM by more than half an hour, the train was damn full...Everybody tried to get into it...Luckily we got a little space inside the train....
And we took a picture of Coli stuck in this interesting position with a man...hahaha.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Penang Day 2

It's my second day in Penang...Today we decided to rent a bicycle and bike from Georgetown to Gurney...We found the store and rent 4 bikes..My bike seems the newest but actually it's the most uncomfortable one....The seat is damn hard and it has no shifting system...

The traffic was quite full that time so we had to bike carefully..And actually it was my first experience cycling on the street..hehe..felt quite scary but after some time i could get use to it..I think it took us half an hour to get to Gurney..

Finally we reached Gurney and took some photos along the seaside...The view was amazing and even though it was quite hot (1 p.m.) the wind blowing towards our face was refreshing...hehe..and we could see a cruise (probably star cruise) on the distance but my camera was not good enough to capture it...

Grandpa Coli telling us a story about how he tried to catch a fish that caused him PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY TIRED (this term was popularized by Coli the Colang Colang when we were sipping wine beside the swimming pool)

Then next thing we do were getting inside the Evergreen Laurel Hotel and looked for the toilet..And we did what we do everyday: pissing and taking photos...haha...We wanted to go to the swimming pool but it was closed..haihz

satisfied with the toilet we biked along gurney drive to fill our stomach...
we tried the famous penang bak kut teh..

The bak kut teh was very delicious but i tell you don't order nasi keladi...

Then Andrew wanted to go to Batu's 11 km to go man and we don't know which road to take so we bought a map...And we start biking..We had two checkpoint along the journey...It's really tiring especially on the mountain road..

Checkpoint 1

Checkpoint 2

And finally we reached Golden Sands Resort and take some picture on the beach behind the resort...We also drank coconut...Hmmm...very refreshing..hehe
But my ass was very painful...It's all because of that hard bike's seat....Even until now I still feel the pain in my ass..haihz

We made it!!!! Yeah!!!!

We only stayed on the beach for about 1 hour since we wanted to get back to Gurney before it's too dark..It will be dangerous to bike on the mountain in darkness...So we rushed back and luckily the return trip was much faster than the previous trip...Finally we reach gurney with a lot of satisfaction, sweat, burnt skin, and pain in the ass....

We enjoyed the nice view of Gurney and then had our dinner in the famous Gurney Hawker Stalls (the place was damn crowded) and biked back to out hotel in Georgetown..Later that night I had another bowl of soup kambing before went to sleep...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Penang Day 1

It's March 19, today we are going to Penang from Puduraya on 11 a.m. We decided to be ready by 7.30 so that there will be enough time to have breakfast and take rapidKL to Pudu..But as an Indonesian it's already in our blood that we will never be on time...We left on 8a.m. from tiara and having our breakfast at DiNaina..I finished 2 Nasi Lemak..hahaha

Then we took rapidKL to pasar seni and walk some distance to Pudu...On the way to Pudu I saw 2 interesting graffiti...

I think that it will be nicer if they put a hole in the wall and hang a donation box so that people have to donate after they use the hole...hahaha

Then me and Andrew felt something wrong with our stomach so we decided to enter a hotel nearby and use its toilet....What the fuck!!!the toilet has only one room so we decided to take turns to drop our BOMBS in that hotel...hahhaha

Then we rush to Pudu because it's almost 11 and we managed to get there in time..
But the bus is damn late and we depart after 12....

It's a tiring journey and I can tell that the seat is very uncomfortable causing a pain in my neck..But lucky for Coli, he was able to enjoy his sleep..hahaha

Arrived in Penang in some place called Sg.Nibong..Then we took RapidPenang to Georgetown..But the bus is not as nice as the one in KL..But it's unique...

Our trip was inspired by Euro Trip so we didn't book a hotel before...After surveying some hotel along Penang road we made a reservation in Hotel Malaysia on upper penang road..The room is quite nice and big enough for four of us to sleep without fighting for space..hahaha

First thing to do after we got a room is to fulfill our passion for Penang's food..That's what we come for...hehe...We found an area like Asia Cafe just next to our hotel...We tried the Oyster Omelet, char keoy teow, and Yong tau fu...Very NICE!!!!hehe..In the toilet I noticed this "advertisement"
Is it our Mr. M?????Maybe Yes...Maybe No....But for sure he also spent his holiday in Penang..

After that we went into Eastern & Oriental Hotel...It's a very beautiful hotel with classical interior and located beside the sea..It's very beautiful and romantic in the night but my because my phone has a lame camera I can't take the picture...shit....So we just went to it's toilet for the cam whoring..hehe
Then we took a sit beside the road and try the sup kambing there...It was quite nice except they were running out of chil...NOOOOOOOOOO......

The Mighty Torpedo...hahaha

VERY NICE!!!!hehehe

After that we got nothing to do, and then we realized that the area around our hotel is the center of nightlife in Penang..there are so many pubs and clubs there....and guess's ladies we just picked a pub and ordered a jug of beer and start to "scan"..hehe

That's for the first day....